Advanced Keys provides a complete aftermarket system for Smart Keyless Entry and Push Start Ignition. The convenience of the "Hands-Free Keyless Entry and Start" feature allows you to lock / unlock doors and start the engine without physically using your keys.
Latest Updates
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Bypass Transponder Card for Backup Access and Ignition
All Smart Key systems will include 2x Bypass Transponder Card. This credit-card sized transponder card fits in wallet and provides an alternate way of accessing and starting vehicle. Simply wave the transponder card over the antenna to disarm, unlock and enable the push-start or knob start. Never worry about losing or forgetting your keys.
Universally compatible, AK-105B is now available with a push start button for complete keyless operation of your vehicle.
The simplest way to acheive complete keyless operation of your vehicle, AK-104S is now available with DIY Knob Switch for easy installation and maximum convenience.
What's New and Product Updates
  • Nov 2014: New AK-105 system is now available with shock sensor and improved user customizable/selectable functions.
  • Oct 2012: New AK-104 system is now available with 20% slimer remote and buttons for door, trunk and remote start control.
  • Dec 2010: New custom Ring Mount will let you easily install the Push-Start Button for that flawless OEM finish.
  • Sept 2010: New Bypass Transponder Card function has been added to our AK-103 Smart Keyless Entry system.
  • Mar 2010: Advanced Keys officially releases the AK-103B and AK-103S, Smart Keyless Entry and Push-Start or Knob-Start system.
  • Jan 2010: Production for AK-101 and AK-102 module has been discontinued. Pending new updated system.
  • Jun 2009: Advanced Keys announces product development partnership with an Electrical-Vehicle manufacture.